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Script Flash Chat V1.5 + 4 Skins

Flash Chat v1.5 Deluxe is the only 100% customizable Flash chat on the web. Easily create your own website chat with powerful features and solid moderator controls in minutes. With basic Adobe Flash knowledge, you can quickly customize the “4” included chat room skins or create entirely new designs matching your website style. Add your own smiley icons or change the chat’s sound effects. You have full control!
Flash Chat v1.5 Deluxe is instantly ready to use after uploading to your FTP server. NO configuration and NO MySQL are needed. It works on all web servers with PHP5 installed.

The chat is powered by XML and Actionscript 3. Included are all the source code files (Flash CS3 + .FLA, .AS, .PHP, .XML) and manual tutorial (PDF) with step by step instructions for installing, using and customizing the chat’s design. The chat script works as stand-alone website or can be imported into existing Flash files via AS3 .

- Multiple chat rooms
- IRC style chat commands
- Users online list
- Message, user login / logout timestamp
- User online time counter
- User logout / exit / time-out detection
- Kick or ban users by IP address
- IP address banlist (XML)
- Chat history recording (XML)
- Sending of private messages
- Unlimited amount of simultaneous user connections
- Blocking certain nicknames
- Flooding control
- Bad word filter
- HTML code in chat messages
- URLs converted to clickable links
- 4 Customizable chat designs
- 3 Customizable sound effects
- 5 Customizable emoticons / smileys
- Customizable welcome message
- Administrator tools
- Step by step instructions manual (.PDF)

Download Flash Chat v1.5 + 4 Skins

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