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Lirik Lagu Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow

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[Wiz Khalifa - Intro]
Yeah ah ha
you know what it is
Black and yellow, black and yellow
Black and yellow, black and yellow

Yeah ah ha, you know what it is
everything I do, I do it big
Yeah ah ha, screaming thats nothin
when I pulled out of the lot, thats stuntin
reppin my town when you see me you know everything
Black and yellow, black and yellow
Black and yellow, black and yellow
I put it down from my whip to my diamonds
Black and yellow, black and yellow
Black and yellow, black and yellow
Black and yellow, black and yellow

[Wiz Khalifa- Verse 1]
Uh, black stripe, yellow paint
the n-ggas scared of it but them hoes aint
soon as I hit the club look at them hoes face
put the pedal once make the floor shake
suede inside, engine roaring
it’s the big boy you know what I pay for it
and I got the pedal to the metal
got you n-ggas checking game I’m balling out on every level
hear them haters talk but there’s nothing you can tell em
just made a million, got another million on my schedule
no love for em n-gga breaking hearts
no keys, push the start


[Wiz Khalifa- Verse 2]
Got a call from my jeweler this just in
and b-tches love me cuz Im f-cking with there best friends
not a lesbian but she a freak though
come stay for one night I’m shining all week hoe
I’m sippin (?) and rocking yellow diamonds
so many rocks in my watch I can’t tell what the time is
got a pocket full of big faces
throw it up cuz every n-gga that I’m with tailored


[Wiz Khalifa- Verse 2]
Stay high like how I’m supposed to do
that crowd underneath them clouds can’t get close to you
and my car look unapproachable
super clean but its super mean
she wanna f-ck with them cats
smoke weed count stacks
get fly and take trips and thats that
real rap, i let her get high if she want she feel
convertible drop feel, ‘87 the top peel back


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